Monday, September 21, 2009

Where can YOU find

alkaline forming foods

which are organically

grown & free from


MY VERDICT is 5-star "Greenfield Organic Beverage !" It is so convenient, time saving, simple, nutritious, bio-active, effective , safe and economical yet it is directly imported from U.S.A.

Please watch this video :

Please log on this webpage to read more about the benefits of oligosaccharrides of which our GreenField organic drink contains a lot of it too. Hence, it helps to promote the growth of friendly flora in our guts ! Simply fantastic & natural way to maintain healthy guts!! 3 Cheers to Dr Henry Chang from USA our inventor/ formulator !!!

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How to make a delicious "Greenfield organic beverage "?
please go to Archive dated February 27 2009 - hope you will learn how to DIY a delicious drink for your whole family!! Cheers!!
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